A digital marketing pioneer with more than 18 years in the digital world, she has reshaped strategies for brands like, Boost Mobile, Gatorade, Pepsi, FOX TV Studios, XBOX, H2O Africa (, MTV, and Toyota.

She developed film, television, and new media content for Madonna's Maverick Films, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's LivePlanet, and the broadband entertainment channels Atom Films and ManiaTV. Lisa worked on films with Joel Silver, Paul Thomas Anderson, Adam Sandler, Sam Raimi, and Stan Lee, and with photographers Helmut Lang and Taryn Simon, and she was also a finalist in the Sony Pictures and Atom Films' 2002 Make Your Mark Competition.

Lisa's digital projects have included partnerships with the UN Millennium Project, Sony Pictures International, and National Geographic. She's developed content and game play for a number of "firsts", including; Sprint’s first multiplayer location-based game, PhoneTag, XBOX360's first original content, Gears of War: Race to E3, Nerd Kingdom's TUG a procedurally-generated, sandbox, role-playing game, and the first "in-world" news for the virtual world SecondLife.

Since 2010, Lisa has focused on rebuilding "Main St." She writes about Localism, co-founded First Friday Fort Mill, and works with small businesses to reclaim their stake in the community.

Lisa is also a contributing writer to The Mill Magazine, contributing author to LinkedIn for Business and Social Media Marketing: Write Up Your Tweet, and featured in AmericanExpress Open Forum, Intuit Small Business Blog, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and on NPR.

She studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing through the MIT Sloan School of Management OCW Project and received her B.A. from the University of Central Florida.

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Have You Tried The Juice?

Ten years ago, during a bout of insomnia, flipping the channels through all the infomercials, one man caused a stir of curiosity. He looked incredible and was full of energy, but he proclaimed to be 90-years-old. Jack LaLanne, a fitness guru, was in his 50s and working out at the famed Venice Beach when 21-year-old Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger challenged a push up and chin up contest. By many accounts, Arnold lost and he lost badly. In Mr. Schwarzenegger’s eulogy for Mr. LaLanne in 2011, he recounted the challenge, “I said, ‘This guy is a machine. He’s the real machine.’”

In 2005, that night on television, Mr. LaLanne was introducing a new product and his secret to a long, healthy, fit, energized life. The Godfather of fitness was pitching a juicing machine. He believed in the power of fruits and vegetables. He ate eggs at breakfast, fish at dinner, and during the day it was all juice and water, “If man makes it, don’t eat it.” He also supplemented his diet with 40 to 50 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. He told Larry King, “If you don’t take vitamins on a regular basis, it’s like going to bed with a rattlesnake. It’s going to get you.”

The USDA recommends 2-3 cups of vegetables and 1½-2 cups of fruit per day, which equates to about 50% of the daily diet. The average American diet is only 8% of non-starch-based and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Some people have found that if they increase the daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables closer to 50-80% of their diet, their health increases and fatigue decreases. Eating plate after plate of vegetables will exhaust your jaw, so this is where juicing comes in. It allows the body to absorb the nutrients faster and for the body to take in more food.

As Jack LaLanne proclaimed that night, “That’s the power of the juice!”

What is Juicing?


What I Believe

What is a Localist?

The idea of neighbors coming together to ensure the prosperity of their community.

How companies can be better.

The Naked Brand is a film about how corporations can help save the planet one small step at a time. Now that we have constant access to the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them, looking great isn't enough. It's time to actually be great. Watch the full film to begin to understand how a small company can learn from and do better than big companies.

Where Have I Been?


2014 was planes, trains, and automobiles (and buses) of travel. I visited the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, and France. A seemingly small list, but every month I traveled some place.

January started with an extended family visit from the holidays before jetting off to Costa Rica for a month where I met a lot of new people from all over the world.

February took me to Panama where I lost my sunglasses, saw friends from Costa Rica, met another friend on the bus back to San Jose after stealing her seat, and a return to Florida for more family time.

March was an interesting turning point. On March 1st, I went to Fort Mill, South Carolina to visit a college friend and her family for just over a week. Well... that trip lasted a wee bit longer than planned...

However, I did not stop traveling. The end of March, April, and May took me back to Florida for a week each month. My first trip to Asheville, NC was also in April.

At the end of June, I hopped the Megabus to Atlanta to fly to Los Angeles in order to help my best friend pack up her house for their big move.

July: An interesting lodge in the mountains where I encountered a hail storm, earthquake, and road closures with a possibility of mud slides. The month continued with a trip across the United States to upstate New York before returning to Fort Mill.

August: a trip to Florida followed by a trip back to upstate New York.

September: a birthday party in Mass.

October: another trip back to upstate New York.

November: another trip to Florida for a wedding.

December: the long train ride from Charlotte to New York City and a flight to Paris for the holidays.

In order:

  • Florida
  • Costa Rica (NEW)
  • Panama (NEW)
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Colorado (NEW)
  • Kansas (NEW)
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Indiana (NEW)
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts
  • South Carolina
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Delaware (NEW)
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • France

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