Real Estate Social Media Marketing: Facebook


WANT TO BE A TOP PRODUCING AGENT? According to a recent Active Rain survey, Real Estate Social Media Marketing is a critical distinguishing factor between agents who make over $100,000 a year and those who don’t. What is the best social platforms for Real Estate Social Media Marketing?  Unfortunately, the answer is multiple platforms. Facebook Twitter Pinterest […]

Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy? by Carla Turchetti on Intuit’s blog


Teenagers, who spend more than $208 billion each year, are leaving Facebook in droves. This means that small-business owners who rely on the world’s most active social network to sell products or services to young customers may want to rethink their social media strategy. “The kids have left Facebook for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest,” says Lisa McTigue, a social media expert and […]

Gripe: 5 Types of Twitter Auto DMs

Recent auto DMs that I received

I f-ing hate Twitter auto DMs (direct messages)! Today, I was driven over the edge. My number one gripe: They clog my Twitter inbox! I want to actually communicate with people, but these Twitter auto DMs — drive me to ignoring my inbox. Thankfully, Twitter has introduced the “Mark all as Read” option! But, I […]